I had a wonderful day yesterday with family and friends. Part of what made the day so beautiful is a very powerful realization. I’ll explain.

Little Leo is still in the NICU. I’m not worried. I’ve walked this path with Chay as a 28 week preemie 25 years ago. He’s doing great and thriving. Leo will do the same.

Now, hop over with me to Hannah. Many have said that she is sad when I’m sad. That’s simply not true. Almost from the beginning when I feel her, I’ve felt this overwhelming calm and maturity from her. Yesterday, I realized that like I have peace due to my perspective after experience, so does she. She knows I will be okay. She sees the whole picture.

I felt and feel so at peace and connected to her. The message I got loud and clear for me is “I’m okay and will be okay.”

Like watching Chase and Keela experience the terrifying experience of having a baby in the NICU and feeling completely at peace because I know it’s going to be okay, that’s how Heavenly Father sees us in our trials.

I know in the midst of the pain, we can’t always have that broad perspective. I think the pain is our teacher. So I’m not saying to ignore your pain. What I’m seeing is that someone in your life either on this earth in physical form or heavenly form does. Tap into them like a ship to a lighthouse in a Storm. We’re going to be okay!

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