My Story

My Story

Here is a youtube of the founder of Q96 sharing his personal story of how and why he invented Q96. I quickly identified with him in that his wife completed suicide due to brain damage in the form of mental illness.  It’s painfully long but very informative, honest, and revealing.  I only watched this video because I was desperate to help my family.  I’m so grateful I did.

…..Now The Rest of My Story

My personal story is different but equally fraught with frustration. At 29, I was tested and diagnosed as being in the top 5% of the most hyperactive women in the country. Yes, I am ADHD. Yes, it’s real.  I immediately began a series of different medications to help mitigate the detrimental effects of ADHD. The drugs quickly manifested their own awful side effects. I settled with Dexedrine – speed. Thirty years later, the price of Dexedrine went from $125 for a month supply to over $300.  With no insurance, we couldn’t afford it anymore.

Over the years, I have continually looked for natural means to obtain the same results pharmecutical, doctor prescribed speed gave me.  Nothing ever worked.  I hated the thought of taking drugs but resigned myself in order to have some peace and a productive life.

When the price prevented me from taking it anymore, I decided enough was enough. After twenty plus years of taking this drug, I decided to end my dependence once and for all.  I was told it had a short 1/2 life – meaning it didn’t have long-lasting effects. I thought how hard can it be to live without this stuff?  I stopped. For over 6 months, I rarely got off the couch. Depressed and miserable, I become preoccupied with suicide.  I was no use to my family.  I couldn’t focus on anything and certainly couldn’t complete a task without extreme difficulty. I kept waiting for all my vitamins and supplements to kick in and heal my body. Then I stumbled across a scientific article about the long-term effects of amphetamines on the human body. There it was in black and white – my body had quite possibly lost its ability to produce serotonin and my brain had definitely sustained neurotoxicity damage. I didn’t see any way to fix myself and I couldn’t live that way anymore. I decided to go back on the medication switching to the less expensive Adderall.

Fast forward to December 2015.  

A year after my beautiful 16-year-old daughter completed suicide in 2014, my 20-year-old suicidal son called me for help one early morning wanting to self-admit to the behavioral health unit in our local hospital. I walked him through the difficult process of hospital admittance.

A couple of days into his stay, a friend referred me to a Dr. Cliffton Brady. She said he was really good at helping youth. She asked if he could call me. I was desperate. With my permission, she gave him my number and he called me. He suggested I watch the 90-minute video linked at the top of this story. I sat glued. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I am remarkably skilled at spotting liars. Stephen, the speaker, and founder was telling the truth. This natural product was helping so many. Could it help us?  Then all at once, it hit me. I had bought this for Hannah to treat her brain injury but she refused to take it on a regular basis. She wanted antidepressants. If she had taken Q96, I might still have my daughter today. I sat and cried. I decided that I would offer Q96 to my son and that I would be taking Q96 as well.  My son agreed to take it.  As a matter of fact, my entire family wanted to try it.  After a few weeks of feeling better than I had in a very long time, I decided that I would go off Adderall and see what happened.

It’s been close to a month now.

I am no longer on Adderall.  I’m not stuck on the couch. I am not suicidal. I am getting better every day. My family members that continued to take it are having great results.

Dr. Brady has walked us through this whole process without consultation fees. He’ll walk you through it too. We’ll walk you through it together. You’re not alone.

You don’t have to do this alone. I have a team member who is a doctor and has over 600 positive case studies. We will walk with you. Just email me from this site or contact Dr. Brady and let’s see what we can do to improve your life.

Listen to my February 2016 interview with Dr. Brady as well as many other helpful interviews at Anxiety Free Teen.

We look forward to hearing from you.



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