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The stories you’re about to read are real. The struggles are real. The means used to overcome are diverse. At the core of every victory is a resilient soul.
Resilience is learned.

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Learning to Fly with Waterlogged Wings

Depression is insidious. It seeps deep into the cracks of the spirit and eats its way out like acid. I remember feeling like I was ... read more

From Rocks to Stepping Stones

From rocks to stepping stones Jun 13, 2015 When I was 3 years old my mother died. Doctors had told my mother she would die if she gave ... read more

A Happy Girl’s Walk With Depression

  As a young college student, I didn’t have a very favorable attitude toward people with depression. Especially those living read more

It Gets Better with Time

I would like to share with you my survival story. I was diagnosed with clinical depression at age 12, at age 13 I was diagnosed with ... read more

The Other Choice

I can’t say anything to make it easier, I wish I could. Nobody can take away what the deep depression and loneliness feels like. ... read more

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