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The stories you’re about to read are real. The struggles are real. The means used to overcome are diverse. At the core of every victory is a resilient soul.
Resilience is learned.

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Jennica Hess – Northridge High 2019

Adversity creates opportunities to become stronger and more resilient when you put in your best effort to overcome. While you can’t ... read more

Leleao Tauelia – West Jordan High 2019

Growing up there are a lot of obstacles and difficulties i face. I was born in Bellflower California but ended up raising in the island read more

Megan Gallardo – West Jordan High 2019

Over the course of my life I overcome several hardships the most difficult being my parents divorce causing me to deal with the ... read more

Alison Smith – Hunter High 2019

At the beginning of my senior year, i didn’t think i could do it anymore. Everything was falling apart and i was so close to giving up. read more

Riding The Waves

Riding The Waves

A mom who has learned to live with mental illness and help her children do the same. read more

Thank you

Thank you

She had a severe concussion. She's fighting to live despite the lack of traditional medical knowledge. Concussion is curable. Check out read more

Being a mother

Being a mother

I’ve been wanting to put together some thoughts on being a new mom. This is what I have to say. It’s long-winded, and you ... read more

Elihu Ramirez – Northridge High 2019

Occasionally, while browsing the internet, on the public forums that I like to comb through, to find people like me, I’ll find a post ... read more

Christopher Desio – American Fork High 2018

In 2016 I lived in Louisiana. School had started and it felt nice to be back in school. A few days later it started raining and it ... read more

A Mother’s Love

She fought bi-polar disorder all her life and to say my childhood was difficult is an understatement. read more

Aubriesha Newbold, American Fork HS, 2018 Awardee

I sigh, and force my dead body to resurrect from the coffin I call ‘my bed’ read more

Abby Lowry, W Jordan HS, 2018

So hi, my name is Abby Lowry, and I don't have a disability, but an opportunity. read more

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