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The stories you’re about to read are real. The struggles are real. The means used to overcome are diverse. At the core of every victory is a resilient soul.
Resilience is learned.

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My struggles

My struggles

She fell time and time again...and she always got back up. read more

My Story

My Story

Resilience! Is practiced! read more

Amber Youngberg – Weber High 2019

Two years ago in March 2017, my life changed when I got a concussion. I was in the gym for cheer tryouts when somebody threw a ... read more

Alexis Colbert – West Jordan High 2019

During my eighth grade year, my mom went in for the duodenal switch ( A more drastic version of the Gastric Bypass weight loss ... read more

Salote Kinikini – Herriman High 2019

I was a sophomore in High School and participating in competitive soccer, FBLA, Peer Leadership, Pop Club, dancing for a Polynesian ... read more

Christina Velluto – West Jordan High 2019

In the summer of 2016 I lost the people I considered my friends and I went into my sophomore year alone. I began to self harm. I was ... read more

Tess Smalley – Farmington High 2019

Success has always been something that I have strived for in my life. I’m a perfectionist, I want everything my way and quintessential. read more

Tyson Allen – Viewmont High 2019

This past year has been extremely difficult for me and my family in so many ways. I have always been a self-motivated, independent, ... read more

Bryson Sanchez – West Jordan High 2019

My name is Bryson Patrick Sanchez; I am 18 years old and graduating in 2019. I am kid that has gone through so much in my life to still read more

Elayna Smith – Woods Cross High 2019

I have anxiety. This means I experience fear and apprehension at such high levels that it inhibits my ability to do simple tasks like ... read more

Megan Holley – Woods Cross High 2019

Along with having 4 mental illnesses (ADHD, PTSD, Anxiety, and Depression) I was sexually abused when I was 7. Because of my mental ... read more

Emily Howard – Bountiful High 2019

She didn't give up despite her fears. read more

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