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SafeUT is a new tool designed to provide confidential two-way immediate (chat) communication with SafeUT crisis counselors  SafeUT Mobile App.

The SafeUT CrisisLine provides 24/7 crisis intervention and emotional support in any type of crisis.  Students can call the Crisis Line (1-800-273-8255) and speak directly to a crisis counselor or start a CrisisChat through the mobile app.

Students can also send non-crisis tips to school officials regarding topics such as bullying, cyberbullying, gang activity, drug & alcohol activity, and more.  All tips are completely anonymous.

If you’re not a student, simply bypass selecting a school.

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Download for Android or iPhone.

Now, on a personal note, one of the last calls Hannah made before leaving this world was to McKay Dee counseling.  I’m sure she was hoping to talk to someone.  She didn’t want to die. She wanted her pain to end.  This was a number in her contacts.  I wasn’t aware enough to give her alternatives to call.  I’m fairly sure she would have used this chat line.

In that moment when the whole world goes so dark that the only light you see is death, thinking is near impossible.  Having a simple button to push, an app to open, is exactly what some will need to hold on and make it one more day.  I’ve never seen anything more helpful, more available to the masses than this app.  Please use it!  Please share it.

Do not expect perfection. We’re working on it continually.  The basic functionality of this app of reaching out when in crises works.  Use it.

Share and save a life.

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