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Salt Lake County

Scott Carter   385-202-4174
Draper, Utah

He helps me find strength in myself and he helps me get through the anxiety I have had for a very ling time. He lets me express my feelings and he helps me learn how to cope and teaches me feelings vs facts.

Tooele County

Angela Hinton  435-767-1072
491 N Bluff St. Ste. 205B St George Utah, 84770

Angela taught me that I’m enough


Referred Therapists


Davis County

Karson Kinikini, Aspire, 2363 N Hillfield Rd, Suites 5 & 7, Layton, UT 84041  (801) 525-4645

Karson has helped two of my children.  I’m very grateful for him. 


Weber County

Rick Visser,  Action recovery 1708 E 5550 S #23, Ogden, UT 84403  801-475-HOPE

Rick visser was my drug and alcohol counselor when I was in his intensive outpatient program at Action Recovery…Rick knows a lot about tramatic brain injuries (TBI) early on in my treatment he observed me in group and one day he pointed it out in group that the fact that I had suffered a brain injury (being knocked unconscious) a few years prior it has caused me to think with a “limp” meaning that I process information differently now than I used to, especially when it comes to processing emotions. 

When I got emotional or things really mattered to me, I did not know exactly how to express it or articulate my feelings and It leads to so much frustration, and because of the TBI, I have an extremely low tolerance for frustration and so everything feels too hard to explain and deal with so I just shut down…

He wasn’t saying I was broken just that my thinking was now handicapped in such a way that I had to learn how to cope with this newly discovered limitation…he taught me how to look at things differently and most importantly how to learn how to be more patient with myself and give myself a break while I learned how to think through my thoughts and emotions a little slower.
My group had a lot more patience with me once they understood this about me too and I felt very loved and supported and they were patient with me. It is neat to be able to explain it to people now and to be able to put it into words because I didn’t know how to before.

Rick is a recovering addict himself with over 30 years of sobriety and has dedicated his life to helping other addicts and alcoholics get clean and sober. He treats each individual differently according to their needs and allows each person to stay in treatment as long as they need to as long as they are progressing. He takes no credit for helping anyone. Countless people thank him for helping them save their lives and his response is always the same…”god is good!”

Todd C Baird, PhD, LMFT Family and Marriage Therapist, Ogden, Utah 

Todd is a very practical and non judegmental therapist. Todd helped me think through my PTSD and how it affects me. I always left his office mad and upset but throughout the next week as I thought about our session I realized what he was saying was right. He was fantastic!

Ryan Calder, MS, MFT Individuals, Couples, & Family Therapy Ogden, Utah 801-621-5666

We used Ryan to help our marriage.  He never took sides.  He never lectured, just guided us.  After our daughter passed, I wasn’t sure if he could handle grief. He’s been extremely helpful.  I’m very grateful for his help in our lives.  

Gene Atkinson, LCSW Individual and Family Therapy Ogden, Utah (801) 334-7798

Gene helped me when I came home early from a mission.  He helped me understand my depression isn’t something to be ashamed of.  He gave me tools to live a much happier life.  

Steven Ortgiesen Crossroads Centre for Hypnotherapy 2590 Washington Blvd.  Suite 285 Ogden, Utah 84401 801-513-3860 THECROSSROADSHYPNOTHERAPY@GMAIL.COM

Mr. Ortgiesen has helped me better control my life, he treats me with respect. I feel comfortable in the atmosphere. I’ve been able to do things I haven’t been able to do for years, enjoyably! I feel like I’m on my way to living my life once more.

Rob Chidester  LCSW,  3670 Quincy Ave Ste 103, Ogden, UT 84403, 801-814-6561, 801- 621-5666

Rob Chidester is excellent. He really helped us. 

Blake Halliday LMFT, Riverdale, Utah 801-475-0402,

Blake is wonderful.  

Salt Lake County

Early Life Child Psychology and Education Center, Inc.
Dr. Fran Thompson,
10757 S. Riverfront Pkwy, Suite 275, South Jordan, UT 84095  Phone: 385-900-4020

We’ve seen a couple different people at Early Life.  It’s the first place that actually tested my child.  The therapists all work together for each child.  It’s truly the best office I’ve worked with.  


The Sharing Place

Since 1993, The Sharing Place has been fulfilling its mission to “provide a safe and caring environment for grieving children, teens, and their families to share their feelings while healing themselves.” This is achieved through a support group model that emphasizes acknowledging any and all feelings related to grief, connection with others experiencing grief, and channeling feelings through art, play, and discussion. All of this is conducted in a comfortable and warm renovated home in Salt Lake City.


Ray DePrizio Touchstone Therapy Clinic, 2872 S. Highland Drive, Salt Lake City, UT 84106 (801) 485-8051 

He seriously SAVED our son. The man is the Best!

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