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Hannah’s hope was to be healed after suffering a TBI due to a concussion. Unfortunately, the tools available to us, therapists and medication, didn’t take away her pain in time. She didn’t want to end her life. She wanted her pain to end.

We have an epidemic of youth suicides in Utah. In Utah, the number one cause of death in children ages 10 – 17 is suicide. Not cancer. Not car accidents. Not murder. SUICIDE!

Since Hannah’s death, I’ve searched and searched for answers. In my search, it’s become very clear that we need to look outside the box. What’s the definition of insanity – to continue to do what you’ve always done and expect different results. If we keep doing what we always have done, we’ll continue to get the same results. Unacceptable. I am under no illusion all the references below will always save everyone from the pain that causes one to die from suicide but these are some of the ‘out of the box’ solutions that are working for some. With all my heart, I wish I had known about these options before Hannah left us. This is my gift to you. Regardless of how you choose to help yourself, your child, or your loved one, remember it all starts with talking about it in a gentle kind way.

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With love and hope, Laura (mom)



Logo for Early Life mental health treatment center.

EarlyLife is a forward thinking child psychology and education center. Proper diagnosis ought to be at the basis of every treatment plan; unfortunately, that’s not the case. The results are under diagnosed, over medicated, under managed children in crises. Fortunately, EarlyLife is an excellent diagnostic resource.

MIndfulness Meditation

All Of Life is an in-depth look at the benefits of Mindfulness Meditation. Through 15 lessons and 35 different researchers and practitioners, this class explores the role of brain changeability and mindfulness in sustainable recovery from depression, anxiety, and other severe mental states. Get a taste of what Mindfulness will do for you.


Photobiomodulation (PBM) is low-level light therapy. The lights are programmed to heal at the cellular level.
The research is robust proving its therapeutic value.

We have two locations –  Huntsville and South Ogden, Utah.
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Functional Neurology

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Dr. Smith is a functional neurologist/chiropractor. When we have staggering amounts of suicide which is generally treated traditionally without reprieve, it’s time to think outside the box. Traditional medicine will always have a seat at the table. We have to make room for professionals who are currently helping to heal the many ills which cause suicide. He has vast experience in treating concussions with great success as well as many other issues contributing to suicide. To help understand Dr. Smith’s specialized training please visit the Carrick Institute. You may also want to read Why Isn’t My Brain Working

The Work of Byron Katie

Loving What Is book cover.

Loving What Is introduces The Work of Byron Katie.

The Work is a powerful tool to do inquiry on your personal thoughts and beliefs that are the cause of your suffering. The process is beautiful in that it offers peace and love to yourself and others.

We offer free facilitation for individuals and groups. We can meet personally or via Skype. This is not therapy. We are not therapists. We are facilitators. Eventually, you self-facilitate. The Work is a resilience tool.

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Therapy Reset



Ketamine has been in medicine for over 55 years as an anesthetic. If you have had anesthesia for a surgical procedure, it is likely you have been administered Ketamine. Physicians have found that a micro-dose of Ketamine can RESET the brains neuro-receptors. This neurological RESET can have life-changing effects.
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