I am a lover of what is.  Well, not always….but I see the benefit in loving what is.  I’ve experienced the blessings of loving what is.  But loving what is seems so counterproductive at times.  Right?  Like how do you love bullying, war, or suicide?  Those are just a few of the tough ones.  Sometimes it’s all in the definition or understanding.  When I say I love what is what does that mean?  With permission, I’m about to share with you exactly what loving what is can look like. The following is a conversation by way of Facebook Messenger with a young man in his 20’s.  He’s fought and strugled with suicide for a long time.  He’s suffered….a lot.

He writes:

Hi honey,
Just wanted to share with you today that I sat in a piece of the deepest suffering to date.  What I call “suicide”.  If just wants to be met with unconditional love.  I feel so alive having sat in (with) it.  It’s just like a child waiting to be met (seen) and I understand why we think killing ourselves is the only way out.  If I was in that much pain of course I’d want to kill me!  But we don’t know there’s another way!  And there is thankfully.  There is love. 

To some this many seem like this person is talking about two different people but he’s not.  He recognizes that his thoughts are not necessarily him.  Thoughts simply appear.  It’s when we beleive then and hold on to them that they cause pain.  He’s able to see the pain as a separate entitiy.  It’s not as threatening then. Then do you see how he ‘loves’ it?  He accepts it.  He listens to it.  He’s loving ‘on it’.

He goes on:

All I have to do is sit here and listen.

We run from pain.  We hide in food, drugs, work, fear.  We don’t have to be afraid.  Just love it.  Listen to it.  Pain always leads back to our painful thoughts that we believe. Our thoughts are begging to be investigated.  ‘My mom hates me.’  Is that true?  Can your really know that it’s true?  ‘I have no purpose in life’.  Is that true?  Can you really know that it’s true? If it’s causing you pain, it’s probably not true.

The Work is a very gentle tool anyone can learn to help investigate your thoughts.  It takes practice and sometimes some help.  I can help facilitate your work.  Live Hannah Hope makes it possible to do for free.  Well, it’s not really free but neither is pain and suffering.  Those two can cost you a whole lot.  When you do The Work, you discover beautiful ways to love your life, accept and understand it.  Beautiful things happen.  If you’re interested simply email me at hope@livehannahshope.org and we’ll set up an appointment.


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