Jacob Hess and Debi Todd, thank you.

3 years ago, after Hannah left by suicide and I started putting the pieces together, I was given a flyer referring to the one thing Hannah’s neuropsychologist recommend after intense testing – mindfulness.  He told me how it was created for ER docs which he once was to deal with the intense stress that they deal with.  Well, I looked in our county and found nothing.  I  called new therapists who were both CBT trained and could teach her mindfulness.  There were none.  So, we continued with her therapist and continued to look, but within a month, she was done and gone.

Just a short month later, there it was in my inbox, a flyer for the very thing I needed, she needed, only from the neighboring county. I called the number and connected with Jacob.  We spoke and spoke again.  We met and met again.  My advocacy kicked into high gear.  He introduced me to Debi Todd the prevention specialist for Davis Behavioral Health. They invited my husband and me to take one of their 8 week evidenced based mindfulness courses.  We did.  It changed me.

A week ago, I had brain surgery.   I have not needed one pain pill.  Not one.  They went to the middle of my brain.  Not one. I use the resilience tools the 8-week course taught me.  It heals brains.  It’s  a proven science with the label of Evidence Based – best practices.  That doesn’t come easy and is the ONLY one proven to heal brains.  Think about this. Think about our death by opioid crises.  Suppose MBSR, mindfulness based stress reduction (same thing), would help?  Obviously it’s one of the only choices available under the holy grail of evidence based practices.

It’s expensive.  Docs don’t  prescribe it.  Insurance doesn’t pay for it.  So we don’t  use it.  Here are my links.  Step away from the almighty too often ineffective box and heal.  Please.


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