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Ketamine Spray

Jul 30, 2019

The After Story

Let’s get one thing straight. What I’m about to share is my experience with ketamine spray not es-ketamine a derivative created by Johnson and Johnson labeled as Spravato. Nope. Not Spravato.

It’s been about 5 months since I finished my six IV ketamine treatments for anxiety. I would absolutely do it all over again. It rocked my world into a much more peaceful place.

It wasn’t a cure-all. I still have painful thoughts. That’s life! I’m able to process my painful thoughts much quicker. I also have an increase in energy. Finally, what I didn’t anticipate was the positive effect on my hydrocephalus.

According to research, approximately 70% of patients only require six IV treatments to heal them. I longed for those results. I quickly realized my co-occurring diagnoses probably would require more treatments. I decided to look into sprays that could be self-administered at home.

Side note: ketamine by IV infusion and by spray has been used for chronic pain for years. It’s FDA approved and covered by insurance. It’s a different application with very different dosing.

Finding a medical provider proved more challenging than I anticipated. Experience with managing patients using ketamine spray was essential. I found a provider in Salt Lake City. His name is Hansel Rayner and practices at East Bay Fertility and Endocrinology in South Jordan. (Phone 801-938-9627) He only prescribes the spray to those who have already undergone ketamine treatment by IV which is the responsible and effective approach.

In our appointment, I found him competent, caring, forward-thinking, intelligent, broadly educated, and his experience vast. I felt cared for and that was important to me.

I started out with a small dosage three times a week. That seemed to make me angry. I never dissociated which is key to healing in the emotional component. We re-evaluated and I went to a much larger does once a week. That came closer to disassociating and the results were much better emotionally and physically but not what I knew I should feel after treatments. We upped the dose again to once every two to three weeks. Right now, this is working.

This absolutely is a process that requires self-awareness and participation.

I’m realizing that my hydrocephalus is much more of a factor in my experience than I first realized. Essentially, hydrocephalus is an inflammatory disease. Ketamine is an anti-inflammatory. Since it’s NOT a narcotic, it’s very useful for pain relief. As I’ve cataloged the list of results I’ve experienced, I realize my co-occurring symptoms may make me a special case. That doesn’t make my experience so unique it can’t help others. I just want to make sure I’m as transparent as possible so that you can make informed choices.

High dose ketamine at home is not to be taken lightly. I’m not even sure I can recommend it. It is a powerful anesthetic! Feeling safe and undisturbed is critical. Bottom line, the best bet is with a medical professional to be monitored. I will continue to administer at home and report on a regular basis to my medical professional.

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