Hannah Warburton completed suicide June 19, 2014, at the tender age of 16 after a series of concussions which lead to a fierce battle with depression and anxiety. Hannah was a warrior. Having been bullied herself at a young age, she was determined to be a friend to all. Hannah left a legacy of compassion. She was known by her peers as the one who would always reach out to those who felt alone or were hurting for any reason. She was loved by so many.

Hannah loved mixed martial arts, student government, climbing, yoga, her dog – Pugsly, her ferret – Rupert, and her family. She loved sunflowers and was a trend-setter in clothing; she loved being different.

Hannah experienced a traumatic brain injury which eventually manifested as depression and axiety. She hid her pain from her friends. Her family provided all the medical resources available to them but it wasn’t enough. Hannah completed suicide on 6/19/14 at 16 years of age.

Live Hannah’s Hope was created by her mother, Laura Warburton, and is dedicated to helping youth to live the life Hannah so desperately wanted but couldn’t because she couldn’t figure out how to stop her pain. She hid her pain instead of reaching out to her friends for help. She was embarrassed and ashamed. #SayNoToShame

This site is full of possible solutions. Some of these solutions have already helped many children and adults overcome the temporary pain that too often drives one to suicide. We also have wonderful programs like the Hannah Warburton Resilience Award. We have resources for anyone who is touched by suicide.

We don’t live by ‘what ifs’. It’s impossible to find peace there. Instead, we choose to live by the concept of ‘because of’. Here, we learn from Hannah’s tragic death with hope that others will live through their pain and find joy and peace in this amazing life.

We’re glad you’re here.

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