Concussion has been ignored for too long. We’re finally starting to wake up to the fact that seemingly insignificant bumps on the head can produce long-term results that often present as mental illness. This may be why so many people don’t respond to antidepressants. They simply might not work on a concussed brain. Truth is we’re just beginning to investigate. We are left to question how to proceed. What sports are worth the risk? How will my child be affected? How many concussions can my child safely have? What constitutes a concussion?

Fortunately, now there is a blood test available that shows how a person will recover from a concussion. We can use science to decide how to make some of these decisions. Here is an article for your review.

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I Have A Concussion Now What?

Unless you were in a coma or unable to walk, they rarely tell you anything more than to watch for vomiting. Here is a quick list of suggestions for immediate action that have helped others. Don’t put these things off. The first 48 hours are critical. Head injuries, even the seemingly unimportant, run-of-the-mill bumps on the head, can produce terrible and frightening consequences. Hopefully, it will just be a bump and recovery will be quick with no further complications.

– Call Dr. Smith. Explain that you’ve just had a concussion. (Dr. Smith is located in Bountiful, Utah; however, he has patients throughout the world.)
– No grains of any kind. Cut caloric intake by a third if possible. Stick with easy to digest foods like fruits and vegetables.
– No processed sugars.
– Rest your brain! No TV, computer games, reading, math, or anything that strains the brain to any degree. Even light can be hard.
– Reduce inflammation.
– Take good quality fish oil, vitamin c, and magnesium. Don’t buy cheap supermarket supplements.
– Water, water, water.
– Create an Audible account and listen to The Ghost in My BrainAudible Link. Here is a link to Dr. Elliot’s website.
– Start learning and practicing MBSR Mindfulness. It’s the only evidence-based practice proven to heal brains.

Photobiomodulation (PBM) is an amazing development in the healing of concussed brains. We are so impressed with the research and results. To learn more about PBM and how you might benefit, please click here.

Hyperbaric oxygen treatment has been proven to help heal a concussed brain. This is an exciting development. Dr. Smith has a hyperbaric chamber in his office. Read about it in this article:

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Here’s a story of a famous football player and his road to recovery. It’s a perfect example of the non-traditional practices that are producing results.

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Don’t be a hero. If your head hurts, stop what you’re doing immediately. More than likely, the symptoms will subside within a week or two. If it gets worse such as dizziness, memory problems, feeling abnormally tired, worsening vision, balance issues, inability to multi-task, and anything else out of the ordinary, go see a professional immediately.

Pay attention to your thoughts and feelings. If you begin to feel more anxious or depressed than usual, please know this is due to the concussion. We recommend doing The Work as a source of dealing with stressful thoughts.

A new option is proving very effective in removing the daunting suicidal ideation that haunts those with post-concussive syndrome. It’s called Ketamine by IV infusion. With just 6 treatments, 70-80% of patients respond with remarkable results The exceptions are noted in studies listed in the following links. Read my personal experience. Therapy Reset is a reputable and reliable ketamine clinic in the Weber County area. Please do not be fooled by copycat drugs even if offered by pharmaceutical companies. Ketamine by infusion has a 15-year successful track record.

Wonder what it’s like to have a concussion? Read this book to understand. It’s the only book of its kind that actually documents what a concussion victim experiences.

More helpful resources:
The Brain Rehab Clinic – 801-766-6580
Neuro Clinic – 801-682-3522
Cognitive FX – (385) 375-8590
A Single Concussion May Triple the Long-Term Risk of Suicide by Scientific American
The Terrifying Link Between Concussions and Suicide

disclaimer: The above suggestions have proven successful for a number of people. However, they are just suggestions.

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