When Hannah had her accident, there was no real science about concussions and there certainly wasn’t any solutions based on evidence. You had your major TBI’s where therapy hopefully helped with talking, walking, etc, but nothing for the every day concussion. She could be analyzed, told what was wrong, but no help with solutions. Utah had just barely legislated for stricter policies on school sports. So, we were lucky in that Hannah had an MD neurologist give her permission to miss two weeks of school to allow for her brain to heal. We were told to go away, no tv, no phone, no school, NO MATH OR READING, nothing that would induce a headache. We did that. No advice on food or anything else. It partially worked. She was up 50% on her tests. Summer was somewhat fine. Then school started. She tanked. Her brain was rested but not healed. By January, we had to pull her from school on the MD’s recommendation – post-concussive syndrome. She had been contemplating suicide already and attempted once that we know of. She was cutting as well. She was in therapy and now on anti-depressants. Not just minor either. She was on Lexapro – minor, but also clonazepam – MAJOR! None of which are FDA approved for anyone under 24 years of age and all warn of possible increasing suicidal thoughts. Ya, thanks for that bit of solid science. At the same time, we were seeing a neuropsychologist for extended testing. By June 19, she was gone.

So, I’m am very done coddling the status quo. I’m done with tiptoeing around traditional medicine and their huge egos. Terms like ‘evidence-based’ have their value but are not the end all. If all evidence-based programs worked, and that’s all we use in the state then why do we have the problems we have? It’s most definitely time to step out of the box! I’ve seen success and I’m no longer afraid to shout it out to save lives. It’s time to get real. People are suffering needlessly.


Have a concussion or had one and the symptoms are lingering?  There are ANSWERS.

#BecauseOfHannah  #ConcussionsKill  #SayNoToShame  #LetsTalkAboutIt   #BreakTheStigma #GrievingMom

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