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My Ketamine Infusion Treatment #3

The day of treatment number three. I eat. I grab a bluetooth speaker for the playlist I created last night. I have been warned to only use instramental music. I listen to the songs on the way to my treatment. I remove a couple of songs because they seem too jarring....

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My Ketamine Infusion Treatment #2

Here I sit, 6 hours after my treatment still feeling ever so slightly high. I should probably explain here... Full disclosure - as a teenager, I dabbled, no, I dove into and lounged in the deep end of the drug pool. My drugs of choice were LSD, cocaine, mushrooms,...

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My Ketamine Infusion Treatment Experience

About 6 months ago, I first read about Ketamine Infusion as a treatment for depression, anxiety, and pain. While I'm leery of our societies knee jerk reaction to putting people on antipsychotics, I'm not nor ever been against responsible medication use. 'Responsible'...

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Sometimes We Have to Lose Something

I talk to Heavenly Father all the time. I know that's not true, all the time, but it feels that way. He is important to me. However, I rarely get on my knees to formally pray. This morning, I have been busy putting away Christmas decorations. I check my phone now and...

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Elihu Ramirez – Northridge High 2019

Occasionally, while browsing the internet, on the public forums that I like to comb through, to find people like me, I’ll find a post with such a question as,” What is something that people take for granted in their everyday lives?” I see this type of question...

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