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Ketamine Infusion Treatment Follow Up #7

It's Wednesday. My last treatment was Monday. I'm here to report. This treatment was the least pleasurable. I opened my eyes several times. I fought off preceived evil at one point. I won the fight so everything is good. On a good note, I was less nauseated...

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Fear of Grief

I went to a workshop called Grieving with The Work of Byron Katie. Powerful. Helpful. For me, it turns out it was incomplete. Maybe I missed a message? I love The Work. You might need to click on that link for this next statement to make sense. A worksheet isn't meant...

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My Ketamine Infusion Treatment #5

Long story short, I was diagnosed with ADHD at age 5. Folks, I'm 56. That was 51 years ago NOT when it was popular. My mom didn't put me on medication and she didn't follow up by teaching me coping strategies either. Needless to say, school was a disaster for me. I...

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