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You’ve Lost Your Child To Suicide

When I found her lifeless body, I felt she, her spirit, was standing in the room with me. I pleaded with her, demanded she get back into her body. And she pleaded with me to let her go.

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If He Dies…

Got a desperate message last night from a person that helped me after Hannah's suicide. Her adult child has been threatening suicide for a long time and last night it felt closer than ever. What hit so hard last night was her admonition that if he goes, so does she....

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Do I blame someone, anyone for Hannah's suicide? If we blame one person for anyone's suicide, then it opens the door to blame... across the board. NO! NO! NO! NO! Blame is a roadblock to healing for everyone! I agree that we may experience that in our grieving...

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A Gift

My son was frustrated with me. Could I listen? Could I find truth in his words?

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