An Unfortunate Tribe

Dec 15, 2015

I have the blessing of working with some of the greatest people in the Utah Legislature.  Representative Eliason is one of them.  He recently asked if I would be willing to talk with a family newly touched by suicide.  This post is my first response to the family member who is actively seeking to prevent more teen suicides in his home state.  I’ve removed all personal information to protect his family.



As I sit here contemplating what to write, I can’t help but tear up.  We are now family – part of an ever growing tribe of families affected by suicide.  It’s a journey we wish for no one and yet are so grateful to find we are not alone. I know how your daughter is feeling.  I’m sorry for all of you.  I don’t know that there is a ‘hardest part’ of this experience.  It’s all hard.  Recently, I wrote that it was like a meteor had crashed into my world scorching my very existence and creating a deep crater.  Everything was affected.  No part of me untouched.  As time has passed and prayers answered, life has begun to resurface.  The crater will always be here but it’s begun to grow grass, flowers, and sunshine comes through.  For whatever reason, I’m blessed to know that God loves me and my daughter.  That she is now healed.  I opened myself up for the world to see and at the same time closed my heart to receive only inspiration which ended up coming through many.  He knew the truth and I knew He knew.  And I expected answers.  But, I wasn’t attached to any particular answer.  I just trusted Truth as scary as that was at times.  But, I started from a place of complete trust in God, in our Father.  He answered me.  So after a relatively short time, Hannah left on June 19, 2014, I have more peace than heartache.  Far more actually.  I miss her but I have the hope of being with her again.

I want to hear about your granddaughter.  Tell me all about her.


Legislation – activism – making something good out of what is difficult – making their lives count.  I know God has directed me.  There is no other explanation for what has taken place.  I don’t think Steve even knows what’s happened in my neck of the woods.  Our news agency has dedicated the entire year to suicide prevention.  That in of itself is a miracle.  Article after article rolling out.  If you look up Hannah Warburton Ogden or Huntsville Utah, you might see a glimpse.  Yet, this has presented a great challenge.  I can’t glorify Hannah’s actions or forget that she is just one of many here.  Hopefully, I’ve done this.  If you go to our webpage, you’ll see some of what is happening. I’ve capitalized for clarity.  I could share so much more about what has happened and what is happening, and what our goals are.  Our main focus is on empowerment.  I’m creating awareness about mental illness but mostly concussions as this was the reason for Hannah’s mental illness.

Legislation – I’d been involved in creating legislation for 5 years before this happened.  I’m extremely fortunate to know many of the elected officials.  Without hesitation, I can say that I respect them and have been so grateful to help pass legislation over the years.  It sounds gushy and terribly unlike politics but I love so many of them.  I know you see the goodness in Rep Eliason.  There are so many like him.  Although, when it comes to suicide prevention, he is most certainly the leader in this state.  I don’t think he really understands what he’s done.  As far as Washington legislation goes, I certainly can help you understand how to effectively work with your legislators as a citizen.  I have a very unique approach; SERVE, no fighting, appreciation, care, good communication, gentle pushing (although Steve may want to comment on the gentle part LOL), and compromise!!!!!!!!!!!!  We have some great model legislation.  There are other bills that involved other legislators.  Our state has certainly decided to face our epidemic. I can send a link to all of them but probably not from my chromebook.  It’s somewhat limited.

XXXXX, how can I help you?  How can I help your family?  I don’t have all the answers but I can listen.

My FB is Laura Milani Warburton.  The FB page is Live Hannah’s Hope. I’m an open book because I realized right away Hannah wasn’t and that was the final straw.  She felt totally alone.  I heard time and time again from her friends that she helped everyone else but they had no idea how much pain she was really in.  So, I mourned openly.  I still help because that’s a Divine directive but I let others help me now too.


All my love,


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I'm a mom who lost her precious 16-year-old daughter to suicide on June 19, 2014. I am a mom to two young men and a wife to my wonderful husband. We learn from tragedy to make each day better. That's resilience.

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  1. Marilyn Call

    What a beautiful essay… letter…outreach. Just very touched and plan to share this with some of my friends who have lost a child to suicide.


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