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2019 – Megan Holley – HWRA – Woods Cross HS

Mar 27, 2019

Along with having 4 mental illnesses (ADHD, PTSD, Anxiety, and Depression) I was sexually abused when I was 7. Because of my mental disorders I was severely bullied to the point that in 8th grade I attempted suicide for the first time, which led to me being put into a mental facility in Taylorsville Utah. At the facility I learned many ways to cope with my mental illnesses and deal with my past abuse. One of the coping techniques that I use the most is what I call Spaghetti, it’s where you tighten your muscles then slowly relax them, it is very calming. Another way I cope is by doing what the facility calls 5 senses, which is where you think of everything around you that deal with your 5 senses. There are times when I have to use both at the same time, like when I go back to the place of my abuse I have a PTSD attack and have to cope through the entire visit, and even for a little after.
Jump ahead 11 years after my abuse, I’m a senior in high school, passed a summer intensive chemistry series at the University of Utah, and planning to major in Biochemistry in the Fall. This road to where I used to be and where I am now has been a long and difficult path, and I wouldn’t change a thing because it has helped make me a stronger person.


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  1. Kathleen Diane

    Congratulations honey! I’m so happy and proud of you!!! You are amazing, beautiful, strong, resilient, and we got your back! Love, Kathleen


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