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2019 – Megan Gallardo – HWRA – West Jordan HS

Mar 27, 2019

Megan Gallardo

Over the course of my life I overcome several hardships the most difficult being my parents divorce causing me to deal with the struggles of living in a single parent family. This caused me to become insecure because my mother made a low income an couldn’t afford to buy much so I would wear clothes bought from yard sales or a thrift shop however, my mother made it clear that my worth was not determined by the clothes that I wore but by my spirit. My biggest fear for the better half of seventeen years was being afraid of looking stupid. I struggled with anxiety and depression like most people, and somewhere down the road I thought admitting that was a defeat. I struggled being vulnerable I struggled with not wanting to make mistakes. The more I look back on my past the more I wish I would’ve looked ‘stupid’ more often, because looking stupid gives you room to grow. It gives you the opportunity to acknowledge that you don’t always have to have everything figured out, but you’re willing to learn. Student government has acted as a catalyst in that effect. Student government has not only helped me grow more as a person and gain self love but it’s given me the platform to help others have their voice heard. As a student leader, I have made it my responsibility to recognize appearance and capitalize on the differences at my school. To celebrate differences and build my community! And although I may not have it all together I know a better me is coming and she’s going to fail her way to success.

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Why did they choose to die?

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Every single person I’ve met dealing with suicide ideation, deals with this.

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