2018 – Christopher Desio – HWRA – American Fork HS

Dec 18, 2018

In 2016 I lived in Louisiana. School had started and it felt nice to be back in school. A few days later it started raining and it wouldn’t stop for 3 days. 90% of my city had been flooded. My school was trashed and so many of my friends had nowhere to go. My family and I were one of the lucky ones who’s house wasn’t flooded. Nevertheless we were still basically an island for a week and a half. When the roads were cleared, people had do return to gut their homes. My dad and I helped people gut their homes. There was never a trash receptacle large large enough and so people would dump furniture, flooring, torn-up walls, and other possessions in their front yards. For months you could drive for miles and see nothing but trash in peoples front yards. This was a difficult period for me because I had to go to another school. School for me was from 1-7 pm however since I was in marching band, I stayed at school until 10 pm. Music became a big factor in my life during that period. Bus rides would last 40 minutes to and hour depending on traffic and so I listened to I listened to music to pass time. Even in the morning when I woke up I’d listen to music. My parents would already be at work and so I was usually the only one in the house. I listened to all sorts of music that I didn’t normally listen to. I can still listen to the same music now and remember how I was feeling during that time period. The entire experience is something I will never forget.

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