2019 – Bryson Sanchez – HWRA – West Jordan HS

Mar 27, 2019

My name is Bryson Patrick Sanchez; I am 18 years old and graduating in 2019. I am kid that has gone through so much in my life to still be where I am today. The major life threating situation that I have gone through was found out on the exact date of October 30, 2017. I had undergone a 6-7 hour MRI to scan some nerves in my brain. Later that day I was able to receive the awful news that I have been diagnosed with a brain tumor inside of my left temporal lobe. I was in shock, not knowing of what I was going to do with my life. On the date of the surgery, I was pulled into a room with my parents and had to leave my brothers in the room, not knowing if that would ever be the last time I saw them. I was told everything that could, would, or may happen to me due to the surgery. That one thing that the doctor said that left me in shock was the odd I had to survive. However I underwent a 7-8 hour surgery to have the whole tumor removed. I never thought that I could be where I am today. It was very amazing to be able to always have my parents, brothers, and all my extended family by my side throughout the whole time. It took me some time to realize how to walk again, but it all came so much easier while I had my dad by my side the whole time. I was able to stay strong and help others still while I was going through my situation as well. After I was able to defeat the tumor my life was changed, everything I do now is so much harder with remembering to studing. I have a trouble with attention spans and grow headaches from trying to do to much. However, meeting people that have gone through the same situation as I have has help me become stronger and do more to have a healthy brain. Later on I was able to learn for myself, that if I am able to put a smile on someone else’s face then that would give me a real joy inside of my own body. I was able to become really humble after and during this time in my life because I knew that it could be much worse. However, I took advantage of it and am able to humble and help others by telling them the story that I had gone through and give them motivation to keep their heads always up and live like there won’t be another day. Life is very difficult but if you can do the things you always dreamed of as a kid, none of it should or will come easy but if you keep working for yourself and others, life will become a lot easier. Because if you were to find out the news as I did you would look back and say I wish this or that. My challenge is to never wish and make it happen because you never know when your last day will be. Stay strong and make the choices you’d love to share because in the end there is no turning back to fix your mistakes, only the future is in front of us and we have the minds to set it.

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