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2022 – Ioana Skipps – HWRA -Weber HS – Awardee

Mar 18, 2022

So who am I? I am the middle child of seven children(four of them are my biological siblings), technically I am never alone. This is due to the fact someone is always around making some sort of loud noise every ten seconds. Although sometimes I can feel more alone than I’d ever wanted too. I work at Weber as a student custodian and I make sure to do my best, and I have good friends, and loving parents. Ever since I can remember I have found myself enamored by music and history, until this day I can still tell you encyclopedia sized knowledge on stuff I care about and that I had learned ten years ago.

Ever since I can remember I have been behind other kids in school, it’s just the way it’s always been. I was diagnosed with ASD or Autism as it is known more notably for how it can affect my emotions, the ability to read others emotions, a very short attention span, and hypersensitivity of all of my five senses. Next is severe social anxiety. I always worry too much, and I find it hard to be in crowded areas or around people I don’t know. Third of the four is Moderate depression. Sometimes I can feel hopeless for no reason; this makes it difficult to feel motivated. Lastly, all of the above have caused me to develop insomnia which makes it hard for me to fall and stay asleep. It is not the easiest to think or pay attention if you are too tired to concentrate. These many things have affected my everyday life ever since I could remember.

Throughout my time in high school I have seen up and down. Although it’s a shame that I am never in the same moment for very long. it can become overwhelming, and I’ll admit I’m not short of those feelings. I find it hard to stay still while in classes. Not only am I fighting to keep my attention on the lesson but at times even when I am trying to complete assignment I was given most of the time I can’t concentrate enough because of the noise of the class, or even what my brain decide to come up with at the worst times that has to do nothing with the assignment. I find it hard to present projects, write essays, and even talk to teachers about what I need but somehow it feels like I can’t. At times I am known to procrastinate not because I am doing it on purpose but rather because I got distracted by something, or I am not feeling myself enough to even pick it up.

There are many ways I have overcome my problems and adversities and such will be shown in this paragraph. My biggest saving grace would be my family, friends, and teachers. Over the course of my schooling I have gotten a little better at asking for help(which I am proud of myself for).They are all patient with me and try their best to help as they can. In the same way I am also encouraged to try by said people. As well I have tried my best to keep track of my assignments. I check canvas every day to see what my daily work will be, write it down somewhere where I can see it and check it off every time I finish it. My parents at times will help me think of what I need to write in each paragraph, this is to make it easier for me to write an essay.

When I think of my future, I hope for good. My goals for the future are to graduate from college, and to get a good job. For college I am leaning towards something in history, psychology, sociology, or the forensics fields. I am waiting for the day where I can go to a public place by myself and not feel anxious or overstimulated. For the day where I can present a presentation without stuttering. Even for the day where I can feel completely at ease for more than a few days. I have the intention to try my hardest to reach my goals. It’ll be rocky and has been rocky but I’ll keep going. After all there is always hope for the future. Why not mine?

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