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My story of resilience would be about how I lost my mother in 2017 to systemic lupus erythematosus, which is a disease that usually will just cause rashes to the skin and give some fatigue for most people but for my mom, she got the worst of it. So you see my mom has a slight alcohol issue that went on for years until her death. For years nothing really came to it, yes she would get drunk but that was it until one day she started to feel very to the point where we had to send her to the hospital in the small town of Watford City, North Dakota where the medical help there was not very good. They ended up just giving her some medicine and calling it good, which for a while it helped but her problems never completely went away until she once again started to get extremely sick to the point where we took her to a bigger hospital in Willington, North Dakota where they helped but still was not good enough so we sent her to the Dickinson Hospital which Is the best in the state. This is where she spent her remaining 3 months in North Dakota until her passing on 4/5/2017. Once she was gone I was finally told that she got the disease on the liver which is not very common at all but what messed up her health was the existing damage that was already on the liver from the alcohol. I then moved to Utah with my dad where I still am to this day. Her passing was super hard on me since me and my mom was so close and have dealt with a lot of obstacles during our lives. My coping process did not start until I finally became a freshman where I decided that she wouldn’t want me to live my life sadly and want what I used to have because she was never like that. She always looked for the solution and a better future. I decided that I was going to make her proud and live her dream of going to college and getting my degree. Everything I do is for her and this is my story of resilience.

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Why did they choose to die?

We are Mutants

Every single person I’ve met dealing with suicide ideation, deals with this.

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