2024 – Awardee – Trinidy Tien – Lone Peak HS

Mar 26, 2024

Every Moment Matters

February 16, 2021 at around 7:27 MST, my life changed forever. It was the practice before flying out to Kansas City to one of the most important volleyball tournaments of the year, the Kansas City Triple Crown. The practice started normal and everything was going well, but by the end, I was unable to walk myself out of the gym. I ended up having to walk around on crutches for that tournament. And the next. And the next. Weeks after the initial injury, I got an MRI and found that I had torn my ACL.

At first I wasn’t too worried. I had been working for years to solidify my spot and my position on the team and nobody would be able to replace me. As time went on, my beliefs began to prove me wrong. The world didn’t pause and wait for me to recover and nor did my team. I could see everyone improving and learning to bridge the gap that I had left until they no longer needed me.

This realization shook me to the core. I almost quit everything I had been working for in my life. None of it mattered anymore, but as I was ready to leave it all behind, my mom had a conversation with me and left me with so much hope for the future that I was determined to find a way to do what I could to improve each day. I could either sit there and mope, or I could get up and figure out a way to get better. From then on, I stopped victimizing myself and making excuses for my laziness. I came to understand that I am completely responsible for my success.

When I looked at my situation from a different perspective, I realized that I could use this injury as a chance to excel in my schoolwork, the mental aspect of the game, and spend time finding things that I enjoyed outside of my sport. I no longer spent everyday wishing I was in a different situation. I was able to find the good in my situation and take advantage of it.

6 months after my surgery, I returned to the court. I didn’t immediately get my spot back, but because I had learned how to work hard and improve a little bit each day, I was able to earn my position back. One of the most significant things that I noticed besides the ability to work hard is how grateful I am each time I get the chance to play the sport that I love. I know what it’s like to have my whole world taken away, so I treasure every moment that I am able to compete, no matter what happens.

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