2024 – Awardee – Sadie Farnsworth – Herriman HS

Mar 26, 2024

The Stories of the struggles in my life.

We all have our own struggles, some may have a lot or a little but we all have struggles and they are all different. No one is perfect with no struggles. Many people will think some are perfect but the truth is they are not. For example many people on the internet look perfect because they will  post the good and keep the bad hidden. I wanted to share with you my story of my struggles. The things I am trying to do to improve and what things I have done to overcome my struggles. One thing I struggle with a lot is having stress over how many assignments I have to get done and the tests I have to do. I have always struggled through school I have an IEP that has helped. Something I do to try and help me is to tell myself I can get through it. I also find it helpful asking or talking to a teacher when I need it. For me I like to get my work done right away. What I will do is go in after school or during a class If I have free time to work on my assignments. Now one of my biggest struggles in life is making friends. I always find it difficult to make friends. I get scared they won’t like me or they will pretend to be my friend. I get down on myself a lot due to feeling very lonely and knowing I only have a couple of friends. I am a very shy person and find it hard to want to make friends. I am afraid to try because of what friends have done to me in the past. I had one friend that I can never forget because she made me feel so bad about myself and it really hurt. The reason was because she told me I was the problem and a bad person. After she told me that I often think that about myself that way, which leads to me being so hard on myself. Something I want to do is try to not be so hard on myself. I know it is never great to have a friend that just talks about how terrible they think they are, and how they will never think they will be good enough. A big issue for me is I rely too much on what others think of me. When someone doesn’t want to be my friend anymore or ignores me, I think I’m not good enough and I did something wrong. I have had toxic relationships in the past that make me think worse of myself. I have been struggling with not having many friends since 9th grade and I have been struggling with depression ever since 9th grade as well. I have seen many therapist to try and help. I still struggle a lot with it today but I want to be able to change myself for the good. I want to be a more positive person and talk to people in a way that will bring a smile to their face everytime I send them a text message or talk to them in person. Struggles are a real part of life. Everyone has to go through them each and everyday but we all can find our special ways to help us overcome and get through those struggles. We can also find things we like to do to help us cheer up when we have too much on our minds or feeling sad. I have recently found that cooking makes me feel happy. I absolutely love to cook for my family and friends. They say I make amazing food and sometimes I even agree I can make pretty good food. You also can just find something to do, to get those feelings off your mind. For me I like finding a funny movie to watch. It’s more of a distraction just till the movie is over but it is still good to get it off your mind and do something fun. A lot of the time I think to myself I am the only one in the whole world that doesn’t have many friends. I think this because the few friends I have seem to have so many friends. I know that this is not true and there are people out there just like me with barely any friends. I really wish I could find people like me, with barely any friends so I could relate. Getting to meet someone that has the same struggles I have will make it so I understand what they are going through. They would also understand what I am going through, and we could help each other out. I would want to tell them they are amazing and great and I would want them to tell me the same.  I would also want to be able to tell myself , and others to be more positive about ourselfs.  I feel like I could have a strong amazing bonding friendship with someone that has the same struggles as me. I want to have self love and hope other people can also feel loved. Something I like to say to myself is treat someone the way you would want them to treat you. My overall tip for you is to try your best everyday and do what makes you feel happy. We can get through the hard times if we believe and keep trying. As I am still learning to love myself more everyday. I hope that I can go to college to learn to better improve myself and my love for cooking. My dream is to become a chef, it makes me feel great about myself making food for others.

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