2024 – Mia Flores – Ridgeline HS

Mar 26, 2024

Coping with high school.

Hello, my name is Mia Flores and I’m currently a high school senior and I attend Ridgeline High School. I would like to start with my story starting way back in seventh grade. Seventh grade was one of the hardest school years I had to go through. Towards end the school year finding out that my twin sister was suicidal and wanted to end her life. That was one of the hardest things I had ever had to experience in my life. How I found out this horrible news about my twin sister was that my friend and were talking about something and then out of nowhere my friend just asked me if my twin sister was okay and I said I think so and then I continued to ask why, and she told me that she texted her saying that she wanted to kill herself. After finding out I went to go call my mom and she had arrived at the middle school within a few minutes after calling her. I remember so clearly that when my mom had gotten to the school, she had someone from the front of the office call me down to the office and I found that my mom was there with my older sister, and I just started to cry, and my mom was like you’re shaking, and I was like yeah, I’m really scared, and I started to cry even more. When finding out that my mom thought it was a good idea for my sister and I to get some extra help for our mental health because after finding out that we were struggling she realized that the next best thing was doing counseling. Not going to lie, when I first started doing counseling it was very hard for me because I was talking to a stranger about all my problems, and I didn’t think it was ideal to do so because I really didn’t know who this person was. During the summer I was still doing some counseling and towards the end of my section I remember telling her I was feeling all of this, and I questioned myself and I was asking her if whatever I was going through was anxiety and she said yes. I remember so clearly that when I came out of that section, I told my mom that the lady who I was seeing told me that I have anxiety. I don’t know how I felt that maybe I was scared, but I do remember that I was scared, and thinking is it not normal that I have anxiety? Flash forward to my freshman year of high school. I remember being scared because I was going to a new school not knowing what the next four years have in store for me, looking back I remember going to a person who worked at the school and her name was Maria I went to her telling how I was feeling because I was struggling a lot with my mental health and I thought it was okay to be feeling like that. Until she referred me to someone else that worked at the school because of what I was telling her she really couldn’t do much with how I was feeling. Maria thought it was a good idea to email the mental health counselor who works at the high school to tell her that she will being getting a new student to work with because Maria really couldn’t do much for what I was telling her all she really could do was listen to me and that was all about besides giving me some coping strategies if I was ever in that situation ever again and I didn’t know what to do at that point. Once I met the new counselor, I remember telling her about everything that was happening with me, and it felt like there was a whole weight off my chest. However, there was one time I was telling the counselor something that was on my mind and at one point she told me that I had to go receive therapy because there really wasn’t anything else she could do for me unfortunately. And I remember just bursting into tears because I never thought I would never get told that. Going into my senior year was already hard enough for me because I had lost quite a few friends and that made me feel really lonely until one friend was that friend that I needed.

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