2024 – Awardee – Mayley Call – Farmington HS

Mar 26, 2024

School sucks with anxiety.

When I was twelve years old, I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression. It affected me in my daily life and my schoolwork. I didn’t want to go to school or do anything in general. I would just shut down. It was very hard at first, but I had to learn to ask for help so I could keep progressing forward in my life. I still have anxiety, but I have learned how to manage it, so life is easier. I have learned how to meditate, do yoga, read books, and do breathing exercises. It helps a lot. Knowing what it is like to go through a challenge like this I have been able to see people in a different light. I have realized that most people are going through something hard, so I have learned just to be kind to everyone. Even just a little kindness goes a long way, so I try each day to uplift others. Throughout this experience I have also learned what brings me the most joy. I love being with my family and hanging out with them. They make me laugh and bring me happiness. I have realized that I want to be able to have a family one day. I have learned to work hard for the things I want to achieve and not give up if it is something I really want. For example, I want to have good grades, so I work very hard to maintain my good grades. My work ethic and goals help me achieve great success and happiness in my life. Though my anxiety is still hard to live with, I just have to keep trying my best every day to keep progressing forward and work hard!

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