2024 – Awardee – Alexis Bailey – Beaver HS

Mar 26, 2024

Being The Victim

I had two neighbors a husband and a wife who became good friends with my mom. My neighbor would take me out to learn to drive a stick shift. He made sure to make it so I would be comfortable around him and trust him. He did the same with my mom so she would be okay with him hanging out with me. He would try to get me intoxicated on multiple occasions with just him no matter how many times I rejected. He always made sure that his wife never found out. My mom found out and I came clean about everything. That day I found out I was being groomed by a fifty-year-old man. We contacted the police and they went straight to work on the case. They found enough on him that they were able to get a federal warrant for his arrest. when they found him he was dead. He had taken his own life after hearing he was going to go to prison. His wife blames me because she was never told the truth. when I tried to work at the hospital in Beaver and be a CNA I soon realized that she had spread her word about me and that no one there wanted me there. Now I am working on getting a job in home health where I will be doing so much better than I would have in the hospital. I’m getting my associate’s in high school. I tend to get upset about what happened but I like to think I fit as I was a victim and he made his own choices and I saved every other little girl he could have done more too after I wasn’t around or hadn’t stopped it. I go to therapy and all I want is to be better and feel better so that is my number one goal.

Live Hannah’s Hope notes: 
Alexis took action in the most appropriate way. She protected herself. It’s not easy to speak up with you’re being groomed. How this man responded to being discovered is unfortunate. It’s actually one of the many precursors to taking ones own life. It was not Alexis’s job to keep this man from completing suicide. It was hers to stop the abuse. While we feel great empathy for anyone who loses a loved one to suicide, we applaud Alexis for her bravery and hope the wife of the man who died is able to find the help she needs to move past blame into acceptance where all peace resides.

If you are experiencing suicidal ideation in any degree, please dial 988 now. 

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