2023 – Jack Hale – HWRA – Bonneville HS

Feb 1, 2023

My school life with ticks

Ever since I was young I have had ticks, some examples are blinking a lot or gulping. This makes it very difficult to be in school.In school ticks make it hard for me to concentrate and they make me very tired. Some days I feel like not even going so it affects my school life a lot. I even get bullied for having them and it makes it hard to be able to go to school and have fun. I have found small things to do to make them better such as bringing a rubber band on my wrist to school and snapping it when I blink but still it’s hard to control. Over all this affects my school life and at home life a lot but I will never stop trying because I ´ m a strong minded person and if I put my mind to anything I can do it.

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