2023 – Myanna Vasquez – HWRA – Beaver HS

Mar 21, 2023

The Story of MY Resilience

Have you ever found yourself judging someone who parked in a handicapped spot that did not look like they had a disability? Or mistakenly think someone is ignoring you? I can personally relate to this because I accidentally Ignore people all the time because of my invisible disability.
My Story starts when I was five years old. Through many doctor’s visits and MRI’s, it was determined that I was born without an auditory nerve which left me completely deaf in my right ear. As a child being deaf created certain challenges that I felt but others could not see. I often felt embarrassed to raise my hand in class when I couldn’t hear the teacher’s instructions. I also felt uncomfortable in social settings when I could not participate in the conversation because I was unable to hear. These situations started to affect my self-esteem. I didn’t want to be different from the kids in my class. I didn’t want to be treated differently by my teachers or my peers because of my disability. I was embarrassed to wear my hearing aid because it didn’t look like other hearing aids I had seen, it was a special hearing aid for my condition and very noticeable! As my parents realized that my disability was affecting my confidence and my schooling things changed and we turned my disability into something positive. Simple acts like giving my hearing aide a name(Bella), putting stickers on it to decorate it, and having my mom come with me on the first day of school to explain to the class what my hearing aide was and how it worked, gave me the confidence I needed to accept my disability.
The definition of Resilience is “the capacity to withstand or to recover quickly from difficulties”. We all experience tough and difficult times in our lives. My parents taught me to be resilient while struggling with my hearing loss. Instead of dwelling on my situation, I chose to become stronger. I chose at a young age to not let my disability determine my future. My parents told me I could do and achieve anything I wanted as long as I worked hard. I sat in the front of the class so I could read lips and hear better. I learned to stand with people on my left side so that I could participate in conversations better. I learned that it was ok to ask questions if I didn’t hear the instruction. Because of these choices I made, I am a 4.0 student, have held many leadership positions, and have been able to have a platform on Invisible Disabilities. After graduation, I plan to attend Utah State University to pursue a degree in Nursing. I believe you can overcome any obstacle you have in life when you have a positive attitude, encompass resilience and work hard.

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