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Jan 20, 2023

mental health during high school

Growing up I have always been a very social person and never really had to deal with loosing friends and never really understood how bad depression can really affect a person. At the beginning of 2022 i thought it was going to be the best year ever. I got my first boyfriend, I had a best friend that was there for me for anything that was my other half, and i had a solid friend group that i loved. All of a sudden my world got flipped upside down when my boyfriend broke my heart right before school got out so summer was hard because i in love with him and i missed him. Then my dog died like 3 months later and it totally broke me apart because she was my everything for 14 years of my life. I never understood how much you could really love a dog. Then this past November Me and my best friend got into a huge argument and our whole friendship fell apart. I feel into a dark depression that i could not see the end of the tunnel I still kinda feel that way. For 2 months i would only go to school work and watch tv. I lost all my friends and i felt so alone. The one person that was there for me was my friend Afton and my family. Then one night i was scrolling through tik tok and a came across a motivational video from Kevin hart about how the sun keeps going even if your stuck so why dwell on something you cant fix, get up and make something of your life. So i´m trying to change my thinking. 2023 im going to really focus on myself and make myself happy.

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