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A Grandmother’s Fight For Her Grandson

Jun 15, 2017

I am the grandmother of a grandson who tried to commit suicide 6 or 7 times. Each time I was there to make sure he was taken to the hospital or to inpatient when it was really bad. He started with alcohol, then pills then street drugs. He didn’t care what it was he just wanted to be numb his pain. He is an intelligent, funny, kind, and caring person but he has some mental issues, anxiety, depression, ADD, PTSD, and maybe some other issues going on. It has been a long road for him as well as for his family. Each time I would say, “how will your brother and sister feel if they had to live after you are gone knowing and thinking maybe there was something they could of said or done that would have made a difference”.

Now that he is in his early 20’s and have lived through what we have gone through, so far I know it may still be a battle but I don’t ever give up. It has been a miracle every time I have found him and gotten him to the hospital in time so that there was not any damage to his body or brain that we know of. I know there were times when God came and woke me to go check on him or his angel or whatever but I would wake and have a need to check on him. Once my phone went off 3 times telling me I had a text, but each time I looked I didn’t have a text so I finally got up and thought I should check on him and find him with having attempted again. When the fire department came they were not pleasant and told me just to take him to the hospital but he is 6′ feet and 200 pounds and was getting very tired and I was afraid that I could not get him down the stairs and into the car so I asked if they could help me get him into the car and I would take him from there. I know all the fireman did not feel the way that this one man was feeling but still it’s hard enough when you are alone and you don’t know what to do and someone thinks you are a waste of their time. I really wanted to just throw him out but I needed to keep my head clear for my grandson and I know there are people in this world who aren’t very kind or understanding and that’s o.k. We got the help we needed. The inpatient was wonderful with him. They were very kind people and I wish I would have thanked one nurse who was very kind and I know she had a hard job. Anyway, I am very glad my grandson is still here and I know he still struggles


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