Our Daughter Stopped Eating

May 26, 2017

When my 6 year old daughter stopped eating and had terrible stomach pains – we panicked. We took her to the doctor after a month of fighting with her to eat as we watched her wither away. Of course, our pediatrician ordered every test. No answers. My friend who is a PA told me to take her to Primary’s ER to speed up tests. No such luck. After seeing pediatric GI doc at Primary Children’s Hospital, there was nothing ‘medically’ wrong – but we were threatened as parents that they would put a feeding tube in her if she didn’t gain back 4 lbs in two weeks. But no suggestions on how to do this.

Continuing my frantic search for answers, I called a psychologist who had a 6 month waitlist. I told the receptionist in disparity that she would die by then. I got her seen a week later. He convinced me and my husband that medication would help with her general anxiety disorder & will get her to calm down enough to eat. She had lost 1/3 of her weight and was slowly putting it back on. The medical world still will not state she has anorexia- but as a parent, I still believe that to be true. It’s all about control.

She remained on medications until they began to have an adverse effect. Through proper therapy she is thriving and we made it thru 7th grade with minimal incidence.

Suicide is always a worry, but we remain vigilant as much as we can. I find myself lucky to have resources and friends to help save our kiddos.

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