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The Other Choice

Jun 11, 2015

I can’t say anything to make it easier, I wish I could. Nobody can take away what the deep depression and loneliness feels like. I am not going to say that after it all you magically one day feel perfect, you don’t. It’s small, little by little steps. You wake up and maybe it’s not the first or second thing you think about. You learn that either it consumes you, or you fight. Don’t ever give up, no one fights alone. We are all here to help get to that next step. They don’t have to be big, just moving forward each and every day.  I am here to tell you the pain and anger of what you’re feeling is a reality, but it’s not an eternity. I can sit here and tell you that yes everyday I think about my PTSD or depression or my anxieties, but that’s all it is, one quick thought. I got to this point with years of hard work and determination. If you are still feeling these things years after don’t get down on yourself. Rather reach out to those who have made it to a brighter side, don’t be afraid of the beauty that is YOU! I know that I am a better man because of my PTSD. You may not believe it, however, I would NEVER trade what I went through, the pain and heartache for what some call a “normal life”.  and neither should you!!

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Why did they choose to die?

We are Mutants

Every single person I’ve met dealing with suicide ideation, deals with this.

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