Live Hannah’s Hope, a 501c3 corporation located in Huntsville Utah presents the….

Hannah Warburton Resilience Award

The Hannah Warburton Resilience Award is a $500 cash award established for Utah high school seniors who have shown resilience in overcoming difficult obstacles to completing their high school education. In 2016, one student is being awarded – Allison Chapman of Eden, Utah.  Starting in 2019, fifteen Utah seniors will be awarded at the end of each school year. This is not a scholarship, but rather a cash award to offset any costs associated with the recipient’s efforts to attain higher education, including tuition, books, supplies, transportation costs, or simply to take a well-deserved summer vacation. In the process of applying for this award, students will share their story on our website. Their stories will help other children to overcome difficulties in their own life by their examples of resiliency. Winners will be highlighted in their schools, social media, and through local news outlets.

It’s time to celebrate resilience.

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