I was home schooled my whole life up until 11th grade because my parents traveled a lot for work and I would travel with them. I spent a lot of time on the road and there were times when I was gone more than I was home, this was really hard on me as a kid because it meant i didn’t get to spend a lot of time with other kids and I didn’t have any routines or things i could really count on. When i was nine my mom was diagnosed with beast cancer and she spent the next two years in and out of hospitals receiving treatments and during this time she was not able to take care of me, and my dad had to work so I spent the better part of a year and a half being passed around among my relatives. I would live with one aunt or uncle for a week or two come home for a day or two and then live with another aunt or uncle for another week or so. They treated me well for the most part but it really felt like I didn’t have a home and there was always the fear that my mom wouldn’t make it or that my parents would get divorced because they were having issues at the time. Because of everything that happened I fell back a year in school, but I’ve always been an avid learner so instead of just accepting that I was a year behind I skipped a grade and plugged forward. I taught myself math out of a textbook all the way up to trigonometry all by myself, and I love reading so I would challenge myself by reading the thickest most challenging books i could find, including War and Peace. I also love science, especially chemistry so when I was in 11th grade I begged my mom to enroll me in high school so I could take AP Chemistry. So my mom went down to the local high school and talked to the principal and he managed to convince her to enroll me in other AP classes as well, so I ended up taking AP Chemistry, AP world History, and AP English language. the very first classroom I ever walked into was my AP world history classroom, and the first essay I ever wrote was in AP English language, it was hard and it felt like a completely different world but I made it by working hard. When i’m faced with difficulty I just work hard, I do my best, and i make the most of my situation, I just keep pushing till I make it, and that’s what I did. When the world shut down due to COVID I was at home working, pushing through, and I passed all three of my AP tests and I got the top score along with one other kid on my AP Chemistry test. And now this year despite not being able to graduate due to a lack of credits, I’ve applied and been accepted into the community college where I’m going to go and study and become a nurse so that I can help people who cant help themselves.

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