No one said high school would be easy, but when thrown into senior year during a pandemic makes It a lot harder. My whole high school career has been fulfilled to the brim with trials and tribulations that will still follow me after I graduate. At the beginning of eleventh grade, I had been diagnosed with clinical depression and anxiety. Ever since I was young, I known I struggled with depression and severe anxiety because of my family and the emotional and verbal abuse from my mother. Through a lot of talking with her and coordination with my therapist I have been working though it all with my mother, finally on the road to a healthy relationship. High school adds several elements into a young adult’s life that only affected my mental state worse and worse by the months end. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t from the support of my therapist or the love and support from my parents and family. Through the COVID-19 pandemic my mental state has gotten worse, but I’m determined to graduate so I can finally navigate to college. In early 2020, I started to focus on mindfulness and thankfully it’s been one of my biggest allies during the pandemic. In anxiety spells I learned to focus my breathing in repetitive patterns and tapping my collarbone to the soft beat of a relaxing song. The worst part of being mentally ill during a school year is the procrastination that likes to follow depression. I have big dreams to achieve, I am not willing to give up just yet. I want to work harder and faster despite being moderately dyslexic. Over the past 3 years my dyslexia have not seemed been improving and seems to be getting worse but I’m trying to improve my reading and writing by taking specific classes in my senior year to not only challenge my disability but also challenge my brain. I want to work for everything, and I am not willing to let my ailments get in the way of that. I’m still learning new and more effective ways to cope, but none the less I’m here to stay. I will be okay soon enough. Thank you for your time.

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