My story of resilience is simply one of addiction. Beginning in jr. high I got caught in an addiction that began taking over my life. As I got into high school, I realized that it was beginning to become a problem. My grades began to take a dive and I realized that I needed help. So in the middle of my sophomore year I reached out to those close to me and was pointed to help through therapy and a support group. After many fallbacks and rough spots, I was able to recover from this addiction and learn tools to get over this addiction. After beginning to recover I saw my academic achievements slowly grow and progress. After a really rough spot in junior year, I was able to learn a lot about myself and what I can do to deal with the struggle that I have. I learned so many coping tools like meditation and writing. I learned about taking it a day at a time, writing down how I felt, and making goals. Along with a strong support group, I have been able to make academic achievements that just last year I didn’t think was impossible. I have built resilience and created an environment for creating more opportunity in the future.

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