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When dealing with mental illness, sometimes success simply means choosing to live another day. Those who suffer from depression due to traumatic brain injury or mental illnesses often feel alone. They hide in fear of judgment. Yet, when someone breaks an arm or has a life-threatening illness, do they hide in their homes in fear of judgment?  No!  They reach out for help. Stigma and fear stop those with mental and emotional challenges from reaching out. It’s time to end the stigma. Take the first step by sharing your journey. Show others they are not alone.

Sometimes all it takes for someone to hold on one more day is to know they are not alone – to know they are not the only person struggling.  

Stay anonymous or include your contact information in the body of your story so others can reach out to you. We do not display your personal information. If you choose to stay anonymous, we understand. We don’t allow comments. We’ll protect your story.  It’s your journey. We honor you.

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Thank you for your willingness to help someone by sharing your story of resilience.


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Stories of Resilience

The stories you’re about to read are real.
The struggles are real.
The means used to overcome are diverse.
At the core of every victory is a resilient soul.

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