Brene Brown 

Shame!  Shame?  Do you know how destructive shame is in your life?  Can you identify it?  It’s time to rid shame from your life. Guilt?  Well, that’s good. Want to know why? Pick one of her many books or youtube videos and start learning why.


Blog: Much More Precious Than Gold

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Brittney is an extraordinarily brave young lady who decided to share her story in order to save a life.  She’s worth your time.


Book: The Ghost in My Brain

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Read The Ghost in My Brain by Clark Elliot’s, PhD. An amazing chronicle of his seemingly mild concussion and how after 8 long torturous years, he was finally healed.  Concussions are not as innocent as we once thought.  They may be the underlying cause of more cases of mental illness and suicide than once believed.  You don’t want to miss this book.  Published June 2015.


Habits of Happy People

Study – 30 days, one group had hour massages, the other group listened to uplifting music. Music people were happier and had more improvement.

  1. Happy people spend money on other people. Doesn’t have to be a lot.
  2. Happy people have deep, meaningful, in-person conversations. They connect.
  3. Happy people laugh.
  4. Happy people use music. Peaceful music is soothing to the soul.
  5. Happy people exercise.
  6. Happy people unplug and go outside at least 20 minutes a day.
  7. Happy people get enough sleep. 7-8 hours a night.
  8. Happy people are spiritual and develop their spirituality every day.
  9. Top activity – Happy people meditate every day. Studies show that meditation heals the brain like nothing else does.

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