Laura Warburton


Healing with Grace

Laura Warburton Founder and Executive Director.


My name is Laura Warburton. I lost my 16 year old daughter, Hannah, to suicide on June 19, 2014. On that horrific day, I thought my chance for a happy, peaceful life ended. I was wrong. Instead of dying with her, I decided to live.

My healing journey is a public event by choice.  It was partly shame that kept Hannah from reaching out for help she needed. In honor of her, I’ve decided not to allow shame to keep me quiet. #LetsTalkAboutIt

Although I speak about my personal experiences, I have a variety of certifications in suicide prevention training such as QPR, Safetalk, and the Crises Response Plan, making my talks flexible. I have been directly involved with the passing of several bills such as SafeUt as well as the development of state prevention programs. I speak to church congregations, youth groups, private groups, college classes, and professional organizations.  (For a more complete bio.)

I am here to serve.